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Nathalie Sizaret

The art of Nathalie Sizaret, a permanent artist at the Le Cube Vernet gallery in Avignon

The classical training at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris and the years spent in questioning, in his drawing work, the lines of the human body, today allow the contemporary painter Nathalie Sizaret to no longer need to use models. The bodily expressions, emerging spontaneously during his creative process, are striking: backs and busts, very often naked, bodies partially draped as if to express the mystery of being, present themselves to the gaze like timeless figures, captured in a "moment of eternity".

A spiritual approach to contemporary art by an artist represented in Avignon (84) in the Le Cube Vernet art gallery in Avignon

The contemplative attitude of human figures in the works of the painter Nathalie Sizaret sends us back to our own, contemplating them. This mise en abyme takes, envelops, the spectator in this world of contemplation and mystery. Embracing both the intimate and the universal, giving wings to her human figures, Nathalie Sizaret offers a spiritual approach to contemporary art.

The link between pictorial representation and typography in the art of Nathalie Sizaret, painter of the art gallery Le Cube Vernet in Avignon

The painter Nathalie Sizaret has the art of inserting into her works short extracts from texts from old books. For her, it is a literary evocation that comes into dialogue with the work, confronting what is painted with what is stated.

The original technical expression of Nathalie Sizaret in her painting, presented at the Le Cube Vernet gallery in Avignon (84)

Nathalie Sizaret expresses herself in the field of contemporary figurative art. His canvas painting work is ample, deeply elegant, vibrant.

Her work on paper or cardboard, in smaller formats, is more intimate. It is even more a question of mixed media, associating painting, collages, typographical inclusions. The original medium for these works is often the covers of old books, to which Nathalie Sizaret breathes extra soul and new life on our walls.

Nathalie Sizaret's works represent a subtle balance between two poles, harmonizing a natural umber base and, in a clever contrast, warm, golden, orange and glowing colors. In addition, the work of gold leaf frequently present on the creations of Nathalie Sizaret, underscores how precious is the depth of the soul for this unique contemporary artist. 

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