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Chantal De Sutter was born Chantal De Block in 1959, in Etterbeek (Brussels).

LES DE SUTTER, A FAMILY OF ARTISTS: Chantal de Sutter to admire in Avignon in the contemporary art gallery Le Cube Vernet

Very young, Chantal De Block met Robert De Sutter, himself the son and grandson of artists who would become her husband, with whom she was introduced to sculpture and developed a passion for this discipline. With him, she operates a lost wax art foundry in which the two work, thus rubbing shoulders with many sculptors and academy professors. 20 years later, she decides to devote herself exclusively to her own works. The visual artist works under her birth name, mainly modeling children in bronze and ceramic, while wife De Sutter, she sculpts striking women with slender figures, in bronze sometimes painted in brilliant colors. His daughters Lyvie and Sara will be immersed in the parental creative enterprise, even choosing sculpture as a profession and a mode of expression; In fact, the whole De Sutter family will collectively receive in 2008 the Cultural Merit of Rebeck (Belgium).

HAUTE COUTURE, HAUTES SCULPTURES, at the Cube Vernet gallery in Avignon

The bronze women of Chantal De Sutter, whether they measure 20 or 175 centimeters, invite the gaze of the amateur to take height as they are slender, slender, their infinite legs and their slender necks. top of which appears a thin face in exclamation point, haughty, mischievous, joyful or interrogative but always very expressive. At first glance, De Sutter seems to have modeled sketches of haute couture masters in 3D: postures, position of the hands, movement imprinted on the clothes invite the collector or collector to dream of their ideal fashion show. To contemplate so many details, one feels the intensity and the thoroughness of the work necessary to obtain them before the molding.

SUTTER'S SCULPTURES ARE NOT BORN WOMEN, THEY BECOME ONE, the proof in Avignon in the art gallery Le Cube Vernet

Because it takes sensitivity to capture and restore in sculpture all the expressions of such small faces. It takes imagination to portray such diverse attributes of femininity in 3D. It takes playfulness to attribute to each one here an accessory, there a little dog, from which will be born the magical moment when the bronze begins to tell you its story in the hollow of your ear. It takes the hands of Chantal De Sutter; so here are a thousand ideas coming to life in a woman not as generic as you might think at first glance. Each has its own character, attitude and quite logically its first name ... or that of the animal that accompanies it. Timeless and modern at the same time, slender and solid at the same time, tender and determined in the same movement, each of these sculptures is unique as is the emotion it produces. Nicely dressed, in lingerie or sometimes nude, their contemporary classic style is suffused with a dynamic elegance capable of arousing the curiosity of an art lover's eye.

Chantal De Sutter, in addition to her sculptures acquired for public space by Belgian and Italian municipalities, exhibits today in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and France.

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