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Ermin Tabakovich

In 1993, the war in the Balkans pushed the family of Ermin Tabakovic, born in 1980 in what is now Bosnia-Herzegovina, to take refuge in Germany; the family emigrated in 1998 to Florida.

A PATH FROM THE WAR TO PEACE, THE PAINTER ERMIN exhibits at the Cube Vernet Gallery in Avignon

Ermin’s Berlin adolescence unfolded in the then flourishing movement of Street Art and especially Graffiti. There he is considered a talented painter in the making, and some of his graffiti still adorns the walls of Berlin to this day.

Upon arriving in Florida, Ermin painted and studied Art and Architecture at St Petersburg College, before earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fine Arts, major in Graphic Design, at the University of Central Florida.

From 2000-2008 Ermin painted and exhibited extensively in Florida, culminating in a 2007 solo show at the Maitland Art Center (Orlando).

THE MATURITY OF D’ERMIN'S PAINTINGS flourishes at the Galerie le Cube Vernet in Avignon

The paintings of maturity are painted with boldness and determination in a lively polychromy. Ermin represents not only his aesthetic but also his very essence, in geometric shapes suitable to architect his sensitivity. Acrylic paint on canvas perfectly serves this reordered view of the world. "I have always been fascinated by modern architecture and structures, especially the idea of ​​sculpting space using pure geometric shapes," he writes.

It is therefore in all legitimacy, so much he merges them into each other in a sort of optical Esperanto, transcending the past to model a new present, that Ermin claims the influence of several artistic currents of the twentieth century: the Russian constructivism of the years 1919-1935 first, with Malevich the precursor, El Lissitzky, but also Cubism, Neoplasticism (Mondrian), Minimalism and Surrealism.


In his paintings, Ermin poses all his emotions, arranges them and orders them like an architect-colorist; It is not only the current state, but also the insolently positive goals of his inner life that we can guess.

The painter architectures pure lines, geometric areas in bright colors which, illuminated or shaded, placed side by side or superimposed, produce illusions of fusion between 2D and 3D which energize the whole.

Ermin's colors frame, trap and somehow neutralize some darker forms; then the impossible are juxtaposed into new possibilities and the world of Ermin attains a calming logic. Of the three black zones of Sigma Series - Take 42, one is left on the side of the past, while the others are framed in bold colors and lead the gaze towards white or bright green, as if to assert that at the end of the tunnel light reigns supreme.

Nowadays, Ermin Tabakovic is settled in Florida with his wife, Lisa, and their cat sweetheart Maximus.

Across the United States, a number of private and public collectors have voted for his paintings.

The humanist and philosopher painter is also a passionate photographer and poet.

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