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Anja Wülfing



The German Anja Wülfing, or Wuelfing, born in 1969, graduated in graphic design and director of her agency, took her first steps as a painter under the benevolent gaze of her father.


"My father was a painter and when he decided to end his career, he gave me all his oil painting equipment and said: 'Now it's your turn!' So, “I changed profession from graphic designer to painter. »

Although Anja Wuelfing took up the torch from her father late in life, her fame in the international world of contemporary art grew very quickly: her paintings are included in the graphic collection of the Museum of Art and Industry in Hamburg and, in addition to his native Germany, they exhibited throughout Europe.

Anja Wülfing paints still lifes, portraits, animals, invariably directing the attention to beauty. In 2016, she superimposed animals on old photographs and engravings; sometimes it is even a part of the character that she replaces with a part of her painted animal, transforming the subject and her companions into “sweet creatures of a different but potential reality”.

MIXED MEDIA AND EVERYTHING ANJA WUELFING MIXES form a whole at the Galerie le Cube Vernet in Avignon

Since then, Anja Wülfing has not stopped mixing artistic techniques when she began to use oil and acrylic together in paintings that themselves mixed figurative painting and abstract art. She had to develop herself the process that allows her to apply her abstract touches to water-soluble acrylic paint on characters, sometimes historical, mythical or artistic, previously represented in oil paint.

Collectors will always experience the impression of contrast in the precision brought to the painting of the character preceding a visible spontaneity in the application of flat areas and lines.

On the paintings where Anja Wuelfing uses characters by Rubens, one might think for a moment that Helen Frankenthaler, precursor of color field painting, came to finish the work. Demonstration or not, the amateur and the art lover will judge that the rules of the art are made to be transgressed and, in doing so, sublimated.

ANJA WÜLFING AND HER NEO-CLASSICAL PAINTING are at the Cube Vernet Gallery in Avignon

It is recently that Anja Wülfing's fascination for the old masters of the baroque and rococo periods has been enriched by classical representations, always tinged with her passion for abstract painting, as in In The Tapidarium After... an impression of comfort halfway between the caldarium and the frigidarium as between the figurative and the abstract, like the wait between a before and an after in suspense; yet it seems to be an attitude of dynamic expectation, turned towards a still imaginary future between light and shadow, just like that of the Sabinella art piece.

Anja Wuelfing's neo-classical works, timeless nudes draped in abstract veils, are often inspired by the work of English Victorian neo-classical painter John William Godward.On the same themes represented with great gentleness and the patience of a copyist, the artist comes to apply his vibrant colors vividly, adding an abstract spontaneity in the form of an invitation to imagine, a movement towards serenity.

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