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Biography of LAUREF

After studying Graphic Arts and Applied Arts, Lauref first taught plastic arts in elementary school before sculpting, in 2008, his first Mistinguettes out of wire and sculpted paper.

LAUREF'S MISTINGUETTES BLOWS A FRESH WIND at the Galerie le Cube Vernet in Avignon

Les Mistinguettes de Lauref, these feminine silhouettes in wire coated with sculpted and painted paper, sometimes seen in the windows of Repetto boutiques, derive their playfulness from the arrangement of colors and material effects. Under its apparent simplicity, the fantasy of these statuettes owes nothing to chance: once the wire has been shaped, the plastic artist carefully chooses her papers, mostly of Asian origin for their physical and mechanical qualities, then sculpts them, assembles and paints them meticulously, often in bright colors. Mischievous, wall or table sculptures are then ready to take over a coffee table or climb a wall. If each sculpture is unique, it will be easy for collectors to find the continuity that exists between them, for example by arranging on the same vertical plane In balance, La bourrasque and En plein vol.

THE SPONTANEITY OF A SINGULAR ART IN MOTION brings Lauref Sculptures to life in the Galerie le Cube Vernet

Small or large, Lauref's sculptures, at first glance delicate and fragile, paradoxically exude an intense force through their dynamic postures. Free, fluid, airy, these faceless threadwomen come alive, so full and determined is the movement imparted to them by the sculptor: firmly planted on her long legs, quilts in the wind, hands on the hips of her twirling skirt. , we can guess without hesitation that The big sister came to rebuff the little one for some serious stupidity… although without importance; because the amateur knows in advance that all will end well, characters exuding such a joy of life, such lightness, who cannot stay angry for long!

BETWEEN HUMANISM AND TRANSMISSION, LAUREF'S CONTEMPORARY POP ART is exhibited at the Galerie le Cube Vernet in Avignon

Attached to sharing, the creator of Les Mistinguettes is actively involved in promoting art to the general public. Lauref indeed organizes sculpture courses and she is at the origin of the Nuances association, whose mission is to make the visual arts accessible to as many people as possible through courses and events. This willingness to share is found in her humanist positions: inequalities, disability, social bond, psychological suffering ... the plastic artist takes an empathic look at her fellow human beings and it is perhaps this benevolence pegged to the body of the designer that shines through in the vitality of that of his sculptures. A member of the Ateliers d'Art de France, Lauref exhibits his creations across France and Europe at art fairs and contemporary art exhibitions.

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