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Stéphane Gubert


Born in 1973, Stéphane Gubert at a young age was already painting the walls of his bedroom.

Self-taught, the painter creates his paintings in acrylic and spray "seriously without taking himself seriously", as he likes to do everything, and names his prolific series Touclean, Toufou, Tousurf ...

THE POP ART OF GUBERT ARTIST COLORS the Galerie le Cube Vernet in Avignon

Stéphane Gubert's painting is based on popular imagery and mixes the techniques of Pop Art and Street Art: intense colors (even if he does not disdain on occasion the monochrome of black and white), graffiti, aerosol , lettering, clean line and simple shapes. A multiplicity of codes, signs and symbols is organized in each work around a central character who is often cut out, even torn apart. If the amateur and the art lover recognize in his paintings, through the colors or the profusion of signifiers, the influence of artists like Dubuffet, Combas, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, Hervé Télémaque, Erró ..., the work by Gubert Artist remains unique because of his very personal treatment of the codes and techniques mentioned above.

A PAINTING OF SPONTANEITY AND PUDEUR to see at the Galerie le Cube Vernet in Avignon

"These are images that come to me in reaction to a subject, a theme, which I am confronted with with all my mixed emotions, without filter", says Stéphane Gubert. The alliance of spontaneity and modesty produces paintings with several levels of reading: the aesthetics first explode in color and then appear to the gaze the multiplicity of the painter's feelings and messages, initially hidden behind the initial detonation. Gubert Artist first defines the theme of his painting, then chooses to illustrate it a popular character from comics, cartoons, manga, such as Wonder Woman struggling with gender violence.

A RESOLUTELY HUMANIST CONTEMPORARY POP ART exhibited at the Galerie le Cube Vernet in Avignon

Each painting by Stéphane Gubert constitutes a complex and articulated commentary on contemporary society: "I testify to everyday life, people, their little pleasures, their violence, their grandeur, their ridicule, without bringing judgment". Indeed, his painting leaves the public completely free of his opinion on the treated subject; the painter places his observations and his feelings on the canvas, he offers them to the eye without prejudging their interpretation. This non-judgmental approach is central for Gubert Artist, who cites benevolence, adversary of judgment, as an objective that modern civilization should set for itself. The Pop Zoom series testifies to the painter's humanism by returning to the sources of Pop Art, by centering each painting on a reference, a code, a symbol, to reach the confines of the human; lifestyles, violence of all kinds, upset emotions, injustices, contemporary subjects are thus presented through the beauty and energy of an unclassifiable pictorial style.

From the Parisian FIAC to national and regional contemporary art fairs, from Brussels galleries to the New York Broadway Gallery, collectors can meet Stéphane Gubert's work on both sides of the Atlantic, through personal exhibitions, collective or performative manifestations.

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