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Laëtitia GIRAUD


Born in 1979 in Lyon, Laetitia Giraud has drawn daily since her early childhood and defines the artistic act - drawing, painting or photography - as vital; It is therefore very logical that she becomes the holder of a double master's degree in Fine Arts and Applied Arts, diplomas later supplemented by training in Art therapy at the ENSA in Bourges.

Alternately graphic designer, visual arts worker, receptionist or teaching assistant, Laetitia Giraud has devoted herself fully to her painting since the mid-2010s.

LAETITIA GIRAUD AND THE PHOTO AS A PRETEXT FOR THE PAINTING, to see at the Galerie le Cube Vernet in Avignon

Laetitia Giraud Painter works in acrylic on canvas from personal photographs, without preparatory study. However, once at work, she frees herself from her model by accentuating the colors, by not respecting the proportions, by playing on the dimensions: "I use the photo as a machine to see my future work" , she confides, it is therefore only a springboard from which her artistic expression flies. From miniatures, which the collector or collector will take pleasure in organizing in a jumble, to large-format paintings, Laetitia Giraud treats all formats according to her inspiration and likes landscapes - often urban -, very soft nudes or still lifes… not so dead as that with their electronic objects and other “forgotten” pumps, the painter herself calling them Still Life.

LAETITIA GIRAUD PAINTER OF HER OWN REALITY exhibits it at the Cube Vernet Gallery in Avignon

"The challenge is to confront abstraction and figuration in the same space, in order to detach yourself from the model and only keep the impression", says Laetitia Giraud. And indeed, his paintings seem to refer more to an atmosphere than to the subject himself. Laetitia Giraud's works show us how ambiguous realism is, the model being overwhelmed by its passage from the eye to the painter's hand, coloring itself with his instinct, a work that we can guess jubilant about the transition from a world towards the other, from the real to the imaginary… or rather towards the personal reality of the artist.

COLORS AND LIGHTS BY LAETITIA GIRAUD shine at the Galerie le Cube Vernet in Avignon

Laetitia Giraud's painting is adorned with strong colors, often saturated at certain points of the canvas, as well as a blur effect which grants its share of mystery to the most prosaic of service stations which will then be called Heaven, Ice cream. and cigarettes or Threat of joy. Light is also omnipresent there, the important thing not being its origin, natural or artificial, but the eye-catching halos it produces on urban landscapes, the life it gives back to still lifes, the perfect lighting of the city. 'a naked body, the vivid rendering of the night.

Laetitia Giraud also paints oil portraits and exhibits throughout France as well as in Germany.

Her works will transport the art lover to a nearby elsewhere, overwhelmingly intimidating.

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