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René Galassi's vocation was born within his family: cabinetmakers from father to son on his father's side, musicians on his mother's side. As a child already, lulled by this artistic effervescence, he sketched imaginary worlds on paper or other media that came to hand.

As an adult, he met the artist Henri Baviera who opened up the world of art engraving to him, whose techniques he explored. He was a great success from his first exhibitions. Precision and patience in this rigorous engraving work lead to the exceptional quality of his engraved works. His work is characterized by the intensity and depth of his blacks which contrast with the light of his compositions.

Endowed with a multi-faceted talent, he created with a stroke of a pen in Indian ink, intriguing drawings and silhouettes and collages of extreme finesse. He continues to work with the same rigor, creating paintings all in black and gold, made of living and mysterious materials.

Large and small totems will accompany a new painting bursting with color, made of pigments and passionate work, an ode to the Mediterranean. Currently, his artistic journey leads him to other shores where color is predominant and unusual materials.

Indeed, his favorite material is the paper of the engravings which opened the way to the world of artistic creation ... Sensitive to this material, he makes it perform the meanders and contortions of nature that he loves to contemplate this always innovative, unique, beautiful nature where man has left his mark, his mark.

He translates his sensations by composing his multiple and diverse windings like the beautifully wound lianas of fragrant wisteria ... While admiring the curves of his "Calicots", one can imagine being rocked by the wrinkles of the Mediterranean when the Mistral point its nose or venture on the hiking trails that crisscross the Alps flowing into the sea. But also and why not project yourself into a field and follow the furrows of the plowman preparing the land, in spring.

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